Therapeutic and Cosmetic Botox at Elevated Oral Surgery

Elevated Oral Surgery, based in the heart of San Diego, rejoices in being a leader in the provision of Oral Surgery for years now. Our seasoned specialists backed by progressive technological equipment cater to an ample spectrum of oral surgical procedures. By integrating advanced technology with intricate surgical proficiency, we ensure top-notch solutions tailored for each patient. Among our notable procedures, stands out Botox treatment, not only for therapeutic function but also cosmetic enhancements. 


Therapeutic Botox

At Elevated Oral Surgery, we put forward a unique approach caring for patients’ overall oral health primarily. One facet of our practice is the use of Botox in a therapeutic context. Botox has become a progressively popular accessory in the dental field due to its ability to alleviate various conditions. It has shown proven effectiveness in addressing chronic TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, head and neck pain, and even bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding.

Our esteemed Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon carefully administers Botox to help control muscle tension and spasms in patients. The strategic application results in relaxed muscles, thereby alleviating discomfort, and enhancing oral functionality. We stand by the belief that oral health significantly influences overall well-being. Therefore, we diligently incorporate procedures like therapeutic Botox, which substantially help improve our patients’ quality of life. 

Cosmetic Botox

Equally significant in our repertoire at Elevated Oral Surgery is the application of Botox for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic Botox treatment targets facial enhancements and rejuvenation. It effectively smoothens out wrinkles and fine lines, imparting a youthful and refreshed appearance. Our Oral Surgeon in San Diego, CA, having amassed years of facial anatomical familiarity, accurately administers Botox. Expert application ensures natural-looking results, enabling our patients to radiate confidence.

We are mindful that ‘beauty is skin-deep.’ Driven by this perspective, we never overlook oral health concomitantly while addressing cosmetic requisites. We firmly believe that oral health and aesthetic enhancement are inextricably intertwined, significantly influencing each other. Therefore, our Botox treatments don’t merely aim to improve outward appearance; we shape these treatments to foster overall oral health and function as well. 


Elevated Oral Surgery - Innovatively Exceptional

Elevated Oral Surgery strives to revolutionize Oral Surgery in San Diego, CA, perpetually. The choice of incorporating Botox treatments is a step in that direction. As oral and maxillofacial specialists, we have the competence and understanding to perform these treatments optimally. Our commitment lies in enhancing your smile through exceptional oral care and innovative procedures.

At Elevated Oral Surgery, we are redefining oral health, one smile at a time. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive oral solutions that both suits your needs and exceeds your expectations. Through our dedication and commitment to Oral Surgery, we cultivate a healthy, vibrant community in San Diego. 


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